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This is the Official website of the
KCL Geography Society!
We are a growing, vibrant and diverse society at King's College London, dedicated to take Geography out into the real world. We represent over 600 students, welcoming both geographers and non-geographers alike.

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This website will be your ultimate guide in ensuring you don't miss out on any of the academic and social experience provided by the Geography department and GeogSoc at King's College London
We will regularly post upcoming events and opportunities whether it be guest speakers, internships, networking events, work opportunities or debates.
Keep a lookout on here and our socials to stay up-to-date on all our Education and Career-related events!
There will also be regular updates about our legendary social events. 
Throughout the year we host social events such as the Winterball and Boatparty as well as more relaxed activities such as Doggy Destress and Pizza Hangouts for students' well-being during stressful times!
Keep updated on our socials, where we promote all our Social and Well-being events!


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Aiyesha Capati (BSc)


Since this is my final year, I'm excited to make the most of my university degree with everyone. As one of your Co-Presidents, I can't wait to continue the amazing success of GeogSoc and make new memories!

Yik Kei Leung   (BA)



I am most excited about expanding our society to be more inclusive. By integrating the PGT students to our society and communicating better with students ... we hope to host a wider range of inclusive activities!

Dominic  Freake    (BA)


Dominic .jpg

I'm excited to achieve more with both the committee and also with the SSPP faculty as a whole. There's an opportunity at every corner to leave your marks, and this is my last chance at King's, being in my final year, so I'm looking forward to doing so.

Frederick   Pascoe     (BA)


I am excited about writing my dissertation!

What are you most excited about for the next academic year?

Julian Lee   (BSc)

Career Secretary

It sounds strange, but I just miss the hustle and bustle of London and university classes.

Mahnoor Shazad     (BSc)

Social Events Officer

I'm most excited for the Pubcrawl as it is the first event where we get to meet the new first years and have fun together as a society.

Eliana Longo Collins   (BSc)

Education Secretary

Next year I am most excited about the fieldwork trip to South Africa and getting to see everyone after this year was unfortunately cut short

Amelia Parkes      (BA)

Social Events Officer

Hopefully to have an uninterrupted year as there are lots of exciting things coming, such as this new position and the second year field trip. Also Guys Bar Wednesdays obviously!

Robyn Lees   (BSc)

Head of Intrepid Explorers

In my third year, I am excited about the modules I have selected and to start working on my IGS! I'm also looking forward to working with GeogSoc and hope to organise some amazing Intrepid Explorers events!

Victoria Westphalen   (BA)

Communications & Media Secretary

I'm very excited to get started and make up for all the lost time and welcome all the new incoming geographers, strengthening the great community that already exists within geography.

Riya Deshmukh   (BA)

Action Coordinator

I'm excited to be back in London and at university. Also, I'm excited to be studying modules which I'm very interested in, such as Territory, State and Nation.

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