Committee of 2019/2020

As the 2019-2020 academic year is coming to an end, the current GeogSoc committee wanted to reflect on our past year, our highlights and achievements!  
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Iraj Lang


What a phenomenal year it is has been! I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with such a talented, creative and dedicated group of individuals, and I’m not likely to do so ever again I think! The team have overcome major hurdles throughout the year and have shown me consistent determination, loyalty and support, whether that’s adhering to my many last minute event ideas e.g. free pizza party or coffee carts to absolutely being the pillars upon which I rested during major events like SSPP Winterball, Boat Party, End of year party and everything more! Everything I’ve achieved in my role is entirely a reflection of my teams hard work! So, if you are asking me what my biggest achievement is.. I would say every event and every Instagram post is a success that I will carry forever. If you’re still asking because that was all a bit moist.. I would say Geogsoc leading the SSPP Winterball and contributing to the Athena Swan as well as founding the Student Leaders Board is probably some top tier energy that needs recognition!

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Anastasia Voronina

Vice President 


Personally (and I know I'm being biased here) I this has been the most successful year in the history of GeogSoc existence! Having such a great and dynamic committee really boosted our confidence and inspired us to step out of our comfort zone towards new possibilities! The biggest challenge, of course, had to be the organisation of the SSPP Ball with 5 other societies. However, no matter how stressful and testing the weeks leading up to it were, it was so rewarding to see it come to life! On a smaller scale, events like the Puppy DeStress, UCLxKCL debates, policy workshops, even the coffee breaks - without a doubt I can say that every single event was a complete success!

I don’t think I could pin-point one single highlight to cherish over the course of this year, I simply enjoyed the teamwork spirit that inspired us all throughout the happiest and the hardest times, and I am so thankful and proud to know that I got to be a part of something this special! To those coming after us - have fun and enjoy your time on the committee, it will definitely be one of the best moments of your academic life!

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Freddie Pascoe


My biggest highlight as the Treasurer was the Boat Party - it was my event from start to finish and seeing everyone having an amazing night really made the Treasurer experience for me! The whole event was in the balance at one point but the persistence and hard work paid off!  I have really enjoyed the role over the past yer, especially dealing with venues and doing deals. I gained so much from this experience and working with such a great team was the cherry on the cake!


Heather Needham

Social Media & Communications 

I am truly gutted that my role as the Social Media & Communications secretary for GeogSoc must come to an end in a few months. I have loved every minute even when we have been faced with challenges and stress, we have overcome the other side stronger! I have created promotional content for all our social and academic events which has enabled me to be part of all the events within the society. This role has opened up so many personal and academic growth opportunities for myself.

I have loved organising the Annual Photo Competition 2020, Hoodies and creating the promotion for our social media platforms and website. I can't wait to see what the next Social Media and Communication does with this role! 

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Gaby Freitas

Education Secretary

Being in the GeogSoc committee was at time challenging but it allowed me to put on events which I had never done before so I learnt a lot from those experiences. The collaborations this year were also really good both within Kings and outside!

I really enjoyed supporting the committee not only through hosting my own events but others like the Pizza hangout! That was a great idea - who doesn’t want free pizza?

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Dom Freake

Events Officer  

What a year we’ve had, for the Geography Society as well. It’ll stand out as unique and special. With recent worldwide events halting our progress, as we focus on our health and families, we’ve seen the negatives, where we’ve been unable to accomplish many of our smaller and more inclusive projects. On the other hand, the positives, such as bringing you events like the Colour in Pub Crawl and the huge collaboration that was the Winterball, also stand out to me. I think there’s more work to be done in regard to both inclusivity and growing our connections within our faculty, I look forward to it being accomplished next year. 

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Yik Kei Leung 

Social Outreach Officer

Working on GeogSoc this year has been challenging but extremely rewarding. Having worked with people outside and within King's to create events everyone enjoyed has been a lot of fun. Things like the Geogfest and UCLxKCL activities has all been great and it's amazing to see Geography students enjoy themselves. I hope next year we can see more new and daring events and collaborations inside and outside King's! It has been a blast being this years Social Outreach Officer.

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