Photo Credits: KCL Geography Society

Connecting you with the dynamic and diverse community of Geographers.

We organise a variety of thrilling educational and social events such as debating, networking and guest-speaker talks. Our society is a great place to start your journey through university and integrating into the Geography community. Sign up to become a member here.
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Markus Leo
Throughout the year we offer educational events and support programs to give you insights into the opportunities in university! From study cafes and climate change debates with UCL to exciting guest speakers and workshops, we deliver a broad range of events for YOU!
Check our event here.
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Anastasia Dulgier
Our events provide excellent opportunities for you to network both in and outside our King's community! We offer a variety of career-related events such as the Geography Alumni Networking event, alongside Q&A panels and skills workshops to give you a building block in starting your career path beyond university!
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Nik Guiney
In GeogSoc, mental health
and well-being stand at the top of our priorities! Therefore, alongside our social events, we offer more relaxing events such as the famous Doggy Destress, games nights and free Pizza Hangouts!
We welcome EVERYONE
Photo Credits: Jack B
Photo Credits: Jack B
We deliver a diverse range of socials to bring our members together. Starting off the year with our legendary Colouring-in Pubcrawl, you will quickly see that there is always an event to look forward to! Winterball, Boat Party, End of Year Ball...
You name it, we deliver!
Check our event here.

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