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Here we have a selection of photos and information about our first and second-year field trips.

Fieldwork is an essential part to become a successful geographer! At King's, we are fortunate enough that our department offers TWO field trips throughout our three-year course. In first year, there is a one-week trip to Spain, while in second year you get to choose between South Africa, Portugal, the US and India! We believe that field trips are one of the most exciting things about being a geographer. Therefore, we introduced 'Head of Intrepid Explorers' to include field trips into our societies' agenda.

"I truly believe fieldwork is invaluable in gaining the practical skills to conduct successful research and overcome obstacles, something we will all face at some point in our geography careers!" -Robyn Lees, Head of Intrepid Explorers

Head of Intrepid Explorers



First Year Geography Fieldtrip to Spain.

All first years get to enjoy this amazing trip to Spain. Both human and physical geographers gain experience in fieldwork techniques as well as a chance to meet everyone in Geography!

All first-years, both BA and BSc, will be visiting Almeria, Spain in their second term of the first year. They will be doing a broad range of different activities each day, preparing them to write an essay (BA) or fieldwork report (BSc) when they return to London.

Human geography activities include trips to the city of Almeria, Cartagena and Mojacar, visits to the sustainable village 'Sunseed Living' as well as a 'migrant experience' with an NGO. 

Physical geographers will be doing fieldwork in places such as the Taberna Badlands

Overall, it is a great experience to get to know your whole year group and most importantly, a great opportunity to have fun!


In December of your second-year, you will be going on an exciting field trip to complete fieldwork in an impressive destination. Physical Geographers will all go on the same field trip while Human Geographers get to choose from a range of different destinations according to their specific interests. These include Development Geography, Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, etc. 

For the second-years of 2020/21, the department introduced a number of new field trip destinations:

  • BSc students will be going to South Africa

  • BA students also get the opportunity to go to South Africa, as well as San Francisco, Kerala and Lisbon.

They will be going on their trips in December 2020 (hopefully!!!)


Human Geography fieldtrip to Kerala, India. 

This fieldtrip offers you the chance to discover the natural beauty of rural India, learn about the culture and the on going development in the region.

Human Geography


Human Geography fieldtrip to Hong Kong. 

This fieldtrip provides the opportunity to discover more about the truly unique urban hub of Hong Kong and the issues it faces; as well as enjoying its food, culture and nightlife.



Human Geography Fieldtrip to San Francisco, USA.

Visit the fascinating city of San Francisco. It is an opportunity to learn more about the complex social, political and economic developments in the region of California. In addition, to visiting touristic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Physical Geography


Physical Geography fieldtrip to Morocco.

Discover the deserts of Morocco with plenty of hiking and amazing views. As well as learning about the complex extreme environment and its ecosystems.


Robyn Lees, Head of Intrepid Explorers

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